Green Procurement

Sustainability plays now in almost every tender or request to us a role. And rightly so, as we see. Because it is in this area not only to the environmental performance and the biodegradability of individual products, but also about the big picture. For us, sustainability means not least that our customers in the long term are satisfied with us and that our employees stay healthy. Therefore, we are constantly working on this subject too at making improving.


Environmental cleaning products


ecolabel pressure


Already in the first two years after the introduction of Ecolabel products we sold a total of 28,390 bottles – and rising!





Commitment to Environmental Protection


As part of the certification for „Ökoprofit operation“ has the Kirchhoff GmbH & Co. KG

a commitment to environmental protection and sustainability written and highlights

thus the interest and the responsibility for this important subject!








The mop holder with stem is and remains one of the essential equipment for daily execution of cleaning. For optimum ergonomics particularly important are telescopic handles, which can be adapted to the size of the user. We let our stems why for six years specifically customize in Finland and import them every year to thousands. Our employees and customers appreciate this quality!


energy efficiency

We welcome the EU regulation for regulation of vacuum cleaner Watt: In the EU, vacuum cleaners are allowed to use a maximum of 1,600 watts from August, 2014. Our vacuum cleaners need now maximum 1,200 watts – ie 25 percent less! From 2017 are even only a maximum of 900 watts allowed!


Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Our built in 2010 photovoltaic system on the roof Company has a rated output of 15.93 kW and produces 13,400 kWh per year – equivalent to two-thirds of our energy needs. We are also „for climate change alliance“ joined Minster and determine how we can save energy in other places, eg., In the range of the lighting and insulation.